Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Last Saturday Te Oro had it's open day. The centre’s name “Te Oro” refers to the ancient local phenomenon of wind blowing over the crater of Maungarei (Mt Wellington) and then creating a drone sound. Last year PBS choir and ukulele group took part in creating one of the soundscapes that are played at Te Oro. All six soundscapes simultaneously start and loop every half hour, all starting with a sound tag of wind recorded at the peak of the mountain which then morphs into a resampled wind tone recorded in the crater. All three Iwi Soundscapes play a lower base note- All three Community Soundscapes play one eleven notes higher. This is creatively based on the concept of recent scientific proof that cancer cells can be killed with targeted sound frequencies eleven octaves apart.

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  1. The song I vote for is sun goes down. I Like it because it got a cool sound track.