Thursday, 26 May 2016


The year 7's and year 8's are learning to improvise. Have a listen to what they worked on today.Unlike last week they could choose from two rhythm patterns but the melody is up to them as long as they use C pentatonic so their melodies sound nice together.

MOV00946 from Bronwyn Eeles on Vimeo.

MOV00941 from Bronwyn Eeles on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Mrs Eles,
    I think we did really well in music yesterday. I also think Mrs Anderson did really great because she didn't grade but she manged to make it sound great.

    Sincerely Juanita

  2. It was fun doing the rhythms, I think they sounded great.

  3. Hi Mrs Eeles,
    I really enjoy doing music with you (Like every other) and doing this in the few minutes we had it was interesting and I liked watching the year 7s they did a good job also.

    Paige :)

  4. Hi Mrs Eeles
    I really liked the year 8's music video because they had really good timing when they played together and how the year 7's were playing really beautifully Mrs Anderson was really good too.